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Organic search engine optimizationOrganic search engine optimization

SERP ranking optimization

What is organic SEO?

Why is SEO important for your website?

Why SEO is important

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What criteria do search engines use to choose your ranking?

  • A site that loads quickly
  • A site that looks great on mobiles, tablets, and computers
  • A site whose text content is interesting, relevant, and of high quality

How do Le Juste Web improve your SEO?

SEO criteria

SEO criteria

Our methodology to boost your ranking

SEO ideas

A website ranking is a live process

  • Visitors do not consider your content interesting enough
  • Your website is very recent
  • Your competitors have improved their own websites
SEO criteria

Examples of website ranking

Proof by example!

How does it cost to improve a website SEO?

  • the number of pages it contains
  • the phrases and keywords you are targeting
  • the number and strength of your competitors
  • the geographical area that you are interested in
Website ranking improvement price

How long does it take to improve the organic SEO of a website?

Successful SEO project

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