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We know how to deal with the following layers of your infrastructure:

Microsoft® IIS
ASP Classic
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Windows Server 2003/2008
Windows Server 2012/2016

Veeam BR

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft® JScript
Microsoft® Access
LJW LogAnalyzer®


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In which cases is it relevant to maintain and develop your Classic ASP?

Many systems and sites have been developed in Classic ASP. This language being very widespread, it was used in the same way as the PHP today: sometimes in a correct way, sometimes in a more lax way. The consequence is that many mistakes were made by the first Classic ASP developers. Poor final product quality and messy user experience has unfortunately been very common, leading to bottlenecks, delays, session or security issues, as well as expensive database accesses. Classic ASP is often described as a "bad language", just like PHP... wrongly. After all, every language is only a tool, and it is quite possible to develop poorly, even in C ++.

Our experience with ASP 3 makes us the specialists you need to solve these malfunctions, as they are absolutely not a fatality. We pinpoint the problems that affect your ASP code execution. Well developed, Classic ASP site / application has absolutely no blush, and offers really excellent performance. Let us help you rediscover the potential of your existing codebase through our work of optimization, redesign, streamlining, troubleshooting or rewriting.

Add the missing piece to your Classic ASP infrastructure

Consider maintaining your Classic ASP in the following cases

Our Classic ASP maintenance and support service is ideal if you need to do one of the following:

  • You no longer have an internal developer and are looking for someone to maintain your Classic ASP code,
  • You need to make changes to your existing ASP website / intranet, still fully functional,
  • Secure your ASP site with SSL Certificates (https),
  • Drastically improve the performance of your server-side database accesses (Access, MySql, MariaDB, SQL Server),
  • Migrate your site from an old Microsoft Access database to a much reliable MySQL or MariaDB database, and standardize your SQL queries,
  • Rewrite your ASP server code in a more structured way to use better techniques and algorithms, and eliminate penalizing recursive loops,
  • Make your existing website 100% Responsive (compatible with mobiles and tablets),
  • Speed-up your website client-side, minify code, reduce the number of HTTP requests, reduce the size of images, CSS and JS files,
  • Implement more secure and advanced authentication and authentication mechanisms (encryption, MD5, SHA256 hashes or HMAC-SHA-512, access rights, etc.),
  • Protect your code against SQL-injection through parameterized queries,
  • Create or optimize your URL rewrite rules in your "web.config" files,
  • Interface ASP with PHP, JScript, JSON + AJAX, or a proprietary API,
  • Include Opengraph and JSON + LD structured data into your public pages,
  • Protect your contact forms against spammers,
  • Improve your website SEO by rewriting and reorganizing contents
  • Rethink and improve ergonomics and user experience (UI/UX)


Fine-tune your Windows and IIS server configuration

Our area of expertise is not limited to your source code. Thus, we are also competent to improve the server infrastructure in charge of executing your scripts, including:

  • Audit your IIS web sever to pinpoint configuration errors and solve them,
  • Improve IIS Application pools configuration, or overcome slowness / lost session problems,
  • Succeed in migrating from Windows Server 2000 / 2003 / 2008 to Windows Server 2012, 2016 or 2019,
  • Configure and tweak your fresh Windows Server installation (hardware or VMWare-virtualized)

Our full-stack approach keeps you away from the following bad practices

We understand the business implications of each project before coding anything. This unique skills mix makes us able to provide a very end-to-end approach.

It is quite common that too much Classic ASP developers have coded "On-the-go". This can result in unstructured and messy scripts that are hard to evolve, and sometimes almost unmanageable. This introduce useless complexity in code structure, while ignoring the use of beneficial OOP (Object-Oriented-Programming) concepts. But the ASP platform is not flawed by design. We use it in an efficient manner on a daily basis, and are able to produce 100% clean code.

Here are some of the most common glitches your existing code may suffer from. If you are in one of the following cases, your code can benefit from our rewriting service:

  • Leak of any structuration, resulting in spaghetti code and scattered variables declaration
  • No separation between business logic, code logic, data access, and UI, that are all mixed up in a single huge and messy *.asp file
  • Not manageable uncommented and unindented code
  • Duplicated code in many places, instead of grouping it in functions, subs and classes
  • Inefficient code structures causing slowness and/or availability outages
  • Overuse of "Request.ServerVariables" and "Session" objects
  • Lack of COM+/DLL components resources releasing after using them
  • Weak or missing error testing and handling functions
  • Intensive usage of recursive loops when reading database tables data (For/Next)
  • Risky practices making database queries prone to SQL injection

Why you should prefer Classic ASP over ASP.NET

How to choose between Classic ASP and ASP.NET

Classic ASP strengths over ASP.NET

Classic ASP Source code snippet
  • ASP Classic code runs faster than ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, or Node.JS + Python equivalent, because of the improved code compilation speed on modern processors,
  • The code simplicity makes it possible to maintain and deploy changes faster than with the ASP.NET platform, for a lower cost,
  • The cost of a new development to port an still operational ASP application to another platform is less cost-effective than maintaining your investment,
  • Modifications are easier and less risky, enabling much faster code updates, with easy backtracking,
  • The simplicity of the language is a guarantee of security: a simple environment generates fewer opportunities to make an error,
  • Classic ASP uses only one workflow and leverages the benefits of STA (Single Threaded Apartment), where ASP.NET uses Multiple Threaded Apartment (MTA), which is more intensive for the system.

Do not throw away your code!

What is it possible to achieve with Classic ASP ?

We have undertaken lots of migration, maintenance and optimization projects. Maintaining and providing full coverage of your Classic ASP is our core competency. Continuing building your existing codebase is a more cost-effective option than planning a complete rewrite of all your code in a different language, not to mention the inevitable bugs and interruptions when you switch to production. An IT project must above all be well architected and thought out. Moreover, the programming language is much less important. Although Classic ASP is considered as an "old" language, it actually allows 95% of what the modern web can offer!

We have a really advanced knowledge of the ASP 3 platform, IIS 7/8/10, VBScript, JScript , Javascript, and obviously CSS 4 and HTML 4 / 5. We also have complementary knowledge on a multitude of other areas, and know how to work with your external service providers or your internal teams, with a guaranteed confidentiality, plus in English as well as in French. Your website needs care and support to perform at it's best, and we stand as real partners in this mission.

Classic ASP Source code snippet

We are regularly astonished at the sneers our customers get when the mention their Classic ASP system. C, COBOL or assemby are old, and still widely used. In fact, just because Classic ASP is old does not mean it is worn out... nothing could be further from the truth ! Our experience allows us to perform the maintenance of your ASP system, as the recovery and migration of your application, in the best conditions. We assure you to be able to evolve very quickly, while preserving and valuing your past investments and existing assets. For more than 19 years, our expertise in Classic ASP development led us to maintain more than 380 large or medium ASP sites, intranets and enterprise systems, hosted on different servers; we are qualified to integrate 2021 web technologies into your Classic ASP website, for example:

  • Documents and photographic assets management + document sharing for your collaborators
  • Automatic generation of PNG, JPG, PDF, TIF, PSD (high definition) images in ASP
  • QR-CODE generation in Classic ASP
  • Add JSON-LD Structured Microdata to your webpages
  • E-commerce and integration with PayPal IPN system + automated payments and orders
  • Interactions with your LDAP Active Directory server
  • Automated generation of RSS feeds, Sitemaps and XML documents
  • Data reporting + analysis dashboards featuring business data
  • Authentication systems built with AJAX + JSON + ASP
  • EXIF ​​metadata and IPTC tags management
  • Import / Export of .XLS / .XLSX files online
  • Interfacing WMI objects from VBScript and ASP
  • Blog and news articles embedded in your public site
  • Schedule system, calendar, and online booking
  • Advanced e-mailing features
  • Sending and receiving SMS
  • Promotions, special offers and personalized coupons generation
  • Setting-up quizzes, surveys, and satisfaction evaluations
  • And yes, of course: a lot more! Contact our team to tell us about your needs.

Moreover, you should stop thinking that Classic ASP is unable to deliver modern UI/UX. On the contrary, it is more than capable of it! Being more than pure academic and algorithmic programmers, we are perfectly skilled to produce nice user experiences using the cutting edge latest technologies (Ajax, JSON, SVG, CSS4, Responsiveness, …).

Classic ASP can use the power of Javascript

JScript source code into Classic ASP script

VBScript source code into Classic ASP script

Using external API services from Classic ASP

 Do you need to use an external API from ASP 3 ? Get in touch with our team !
Use DHL API from ASP Classic
Use Onelogin API from ASP Classic
Use Zendesk API from ASP Classic
Use Paypal API from ASP Classic
Use Woocommerce API from ASP Classic
Use Google Calendar API from ASP Classic
Use Google Drive API from ASP Classic
Use Atlassian Jira API from ASP Classic
Use Shopify API from ASP Classic
Use Stripe API from ASP Classic
Use Sugar Crm API from ASP Classic
Use Amazon API from ASP Classic
Use Shipstation API from ASP Classic
Use Gmail API from ASP Classic
Use Jumpcloud API from ASP Classic
Use Laybuy API from ASP Classic
Use Microsoft Dynamics Crm API from ASP Classic
Use Iadvize API from ASP Classic
Use Dropbox API from ASP Classic
Use Docusign API from ASP Classic

Our Classic ASP source code rewriting service

Tremendously improve your Classic ASP execution speed !

Programmers team

Our ASP scripts Rewriting process

VBScript source code sample

Which parameters can improve the performance of Classic ASP?

Server-side source code optimization

Server-side source code optimization


  • Reduce the time that your database tables are open (including removing the use of Recordset.MoveNext statements within loops), up to x 5 faster
  • Rewrite some SQL queries to optimize them, and decrease their occurrence (use INNER JOIN instead of nested SELECT statements)
  • Update your databases (replace the slow Access databases with a more powerful system such as MySQL or MariaDB, 32 or 64 bits)
  • Optimize connection strings / modes to your databases, DSN, ODBC, JET
  • Use the right ways to connect to your databases (open in read or write mode only when necessary)

Deportable code & URL rewriting

  • Deport a large number of non-critical code sections to the client browser by implementing AJAX queries that return JSON data
  • Move some of the most time-consuming tasks to VBScript coded CRON tasks (VBS files)
  • Establish or streamline your URL rewrite rules in your "web.config" files to avoid multiple redirects, and also maximize your SEO (in the case of a public website)


  • Decrease the memory impact due to COM + / DLL components consuming within your ASP scripts
  • Implement the use of components such as CsImageFile, ASPJpeg or ImageMagick to compress dynamically generated (or uploaded) images, to reduce the required bandwidth wile loading your pages
  • Set up simple or complex image processing and composition using the ImageMagick component
  • Use "lazy instanciation" on COM+ components and reuse their instances when they are already declared in-memory, instead of reinitializing them
  • Release the COM+ components instances as soon as possible, once they are not needed anymore, way before they go out of the current code execution scope

Code patterns

  • Identify and eliminate the most CPU-expensive recursive loops (Do While / Do Until / For Next)
  • Group concatenation and replacement instructions in one instruction, instead of splitting them into several blocks of code (concatenation of strings is indeed a very slow and RAM-expensive operation)
  • Refactor code architecture, add comments to capitalize on the future + indent your code blocks
  • Restore consistency between section and variable names to obtain a clearer code logic
  • Embed JScript code blocks instead of VBScript when performance can benefit
  • Implement lazy loading and late binding mechanisms to speed up the compilation time of your in-memory scripts by IIS, by declaring the most COM + / DLL resources and components late in your code, reusing / reassigning instead of declaring them anew, then releasing them as soon as possible
  • Perform advanced dates and characters strings manipulations, handle regex processings URL and links transformations, handle Unicode and UTF special cases, …

Client-side source code optimization

Javascript client-side code

Client-side port

  • Port some features to AJAX requests that return JSON data. This method avoids too many full ASP page loads in the client browser, and saves server-side bandwidth as many HTTP requests.

Minify and group resources

  • Minification and resources grouping. We minify and group the largest possible number of JS and CSS files, to reduce their weight and the number of HTTP requests issued by the client browser.

Expiry headers

  • Enabling IIS features allowing the web server to send "expiry" headers. Client-side benefit is immediate: resources, images, and files that do not change frequently are stored in the client browser cache (HTTP 304), and your site loads much faster.

Images compression

  • We reduce the weight of your images to make them light and therefore faster to load. Please note that we can also implement server-side automated mechanisms, by integrating COM + components in your source code (such as ImageMagick, CSImageFile or ASPJpeg). These components will take care of automatically optimizing the images stored on your server, for example when they are uploaded to your site or generated by your scripts.

Notes on COM+ Components / DLLs usage in ASP scripts

COM+ ActiveX Components
Microsoft COM+
ImageMagick COM+ Object Library

Maintenance & evolution of VBScript / WSH CRON tasks

VBScript CRON tasks

Classic ASP with PHP Interoperability

PHP logo

Is it possible to run Classic ASP on Linux?

Mono Project

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