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Transparency and consent

Le Juste Web® makes it a point of honor to be as transparent as possible with you when you use our sites and services.

In accordance with the best current recommendations, Le Juste Web® has set up a consent window and/or banner that appears when you enter one of its sites. This consent window allows you to customize your privacy preferences. This banner appears once a year, and you can change your preferences at any time by clicking on the "Manage my privacy settings" link available at the bottom of every page of our website.

After your consent, the computer servers that host our site automatically collect, like most sites, information from you in accordance with the preferences you have defined.

Legal notices

The use of our website is based on several pillars, including:

  • Legal texts, laws and directives relating to the operation of a website;
  • The use of personal data;
  • The implementation of technologies, electronic communications protocols, computer equipment and servers.

That is the reason why Le Juste Web® provides you with a set of documents, such as our legal disclaimer and notices, terms of use and privacy policies.

These documents are intended to help you obtain clear information about our privacy practices and to understand your privacy options when using our Sites and Services, and also explain in detail the legal obligations related to your consultation of our website, how we can collect, store, process, share and transfer your Personal Data, as well as the legal basis on which we rely to perform these treatments.

If you wish to take contact with our team regarding these legal notices, please contact us at the following address:
contact [ at ] lejusteweb [ . ] com

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