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Alexandre Féron, Le Juste Web CEO
Alexandre Féron, Le Juste Web CEO

Who are we ?

Le Juste Web is a French company working with worldwide clients. Acting for over 22 years, and founded in its present form in 2009 by Alexandre Féron, we accumulate, thanks to the projects we carry out for our clients, an ever-renewed experience. And the last thing we have learned was yesterday. Because the world, business usages and best practices evolve very quickly.

Our team have a particularity: each of our employees have a strong experience in three areas, all at once :

  • IT skills (web and information technologies),
  • Marketing and communication skills,
  • Business development and project management skills.

Having these 3 skills allows each team member to understand your business logic, the strategic implications for your organization, and the resulting effects on your communication towards your customers.

When we code, we really thought your project, and we carry out our mission by anticipating the impact of our work on your communication, internal and external relationships, as well as your marketing strategy. We strive to bring you tangible business value.

We are more than developers: we are partners.

Details matter, because they precisely are what that separate the artisans from the industrialists.

Three skills in each of us

Expertise and qualification of Le Juste Web company

"Full-stack" : the Art of mastering the whole chain

Full-stack Classic ASP developer

  • a sales team
  • a team of graphic designers and creatives
  • a team of UI / UX interface designers
  • a back-end development team handling server-side code
  • a front-end development team responsible for HTML / CSS / Javascript development
  • a team of project coordinators, who no longer sleep at night by dint of not knowing how to drive each of these stakeholders in the same direction

Make sure to avoid this pitfall by entrusting us with your projects. Each of our employees have familiarity in each layer, know what a business relationship is, a user interface, a branding strategy, how to develop code, and how to train users. We master the entire chain of an IT project and all its implications, and really get involved with an in-deep understanding of your business.

Yes, "Full-Stack" developers really exist. And from experience, you know this is a rare quality.
We are proud to offer it

We understand your business project

Le Juste Web Logo

Why choosing the "Juste" word?

Choosing a brand name is not an easy thing ... except in our case. "Le Juste Web" means "The Fair Web" in French. When we chose to call ourselves this way, this brand imposed itself in less than 4 hours. Indeed, the word "Juste" (Fair) perfectly represents what you expect from us: deliverables that are well done, well priced, functional, efficient, and that brings a real value to your daily operation. We are proud of our work, and you will be satisfied with our deliverables: That IS real "Win-win". That is FAIR.

We address each of our missions as a Work, and not as a Job. We are Artisans, not Producers. That means that we listen to you before, we explain during, and we are on your side afterwards. Why do we operate like this? By altruism? By humanism? No ! Simply because it allows us to sleep peacefully. Our customers call us back for their new projects, but never to blame us for having worked poorly. It is so much more pleasant!

Working with "Le Juste Web" means that everyone is a winner:


  • Useful, cost-effective, relevant and efficient features and deliverables,
  • Investments rather than costs,
  • The comfort of well-thought-out solutions truly tailored for your business logic.


  • Continuous improvement of our processes
  • The satisfaction of well conducted and accomplished works.
  • A peaceful sleep.

Your team and you customers / partners / suppliers

  • Useful and practical features
  • Functionalities that work
  • Clear and simple tools to use

Your secrets will be safe

Absolute confidentiality

Business Continuity Plan

Your future is assured

We are here. And everywhere.

Nous parlons Français
We speak English

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