Classic ASP

  • Classic ASP websites and application support and maintenance
  • Classic ASP performance improvement
  • Classic ASP source code optimization
  • Audit and configuration of Microsoft® IIS
  • Migration to Windows Server 2016 / 2019 / 2022
  • Database migration from Access® to MySQL or MariaDB
  • SQL queries rewriting
  • Classic ASP HTTPS securing with TLS/SSL Certificates
  • Make your Classic ASP websites 100% fully responsive/adaptive
  • JSON + Ajax integration on the Classic ASP platform
  • URL rewriting and redirection rules
  • Minification of CSS, JS, Images resources

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Web design

  • 100% fully-responsive (tablets, smartphones, computers)
  • One-shot cost
  • Optimized to maximize the SEO impact
  • Hosting in France on optimized servers
  • Secured with HTTPS via TLS/SSL
  • GDPR compliant
  • Reworked and rephrased texts
  • Compressed and minified images

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Organic SEO

  • Text rewriting and reworking
  • Source code optimization
  • Website technical optimization
  • Responsiveness improvement (tablets, phones, computers)
  • No subscription
  • Content Redistribution
  • Sitemap definition
  • Keywords choice

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